We're a community of people who live "The Brewed Life". What does that mean? We love great beer, we love great coffee, & we love great tea! Maybe we even sip on a kombucha or other crazy fermented concoction every now and then. THAT’S WHAT WE DO! Oh yeah, and we want to look great while we do it.
It’s this exact combination of awesome passions that created The Brewed Dude. A solid wardrobe of quality apparel that allows you to fully express yourself is crucial to true happiness. We don’t make tailored suits. We create amazingly comfortable and stylish gear for you to proudly drape around your body.
We’ve researched and quality-tested every possible blend of material to make the best shirts. Our premium tee shirt blends are guaranteed to retain shape, elasticity, and comfort. You will immediately feel the unique texture as our shirts drape your body for a slimming look.
Our goal is to create the perfect garment for you to crush beers, sip coffee, or pound tea in. But don’t just take our word for it, when you buy one of our products it ships for free! If you’re not 1,000% satisfied, just mail it back with your return slip and we will completely refund you. Our process is easy so you can get back to the important things in life… like drinking.
Cheers to the beers
VISION STATEMENT: To change the way society views modern-day beer, coffee, and tea drinkers.

MISSION STATEMENT: To foster style for the active community who lives "The Brewed Life".