August 29, 2016

I started serious training back in 2004. Back then my body was resilient enough to bounce back from a week-long alcoholic bender within twenty-four hours. Now things are much different. I value sleep much more, I drink in moderation and I have adopted the art of pounding espressos on the reg.

I didn't drink coffee in college, which is probably why it took me five years to graduate. As I woke up each morning, I struggled to get my dead corpse out of bed to go train at the campus gym. The only thing that was able to jump start my body to prepare for some weight-lifting was the infamous 'pre-workout powder.'

There were so many brands that I would try. So many flavors that I would enjoy. Once that powder entered my bloodstream I was Superman! Little did I know that these powders were filled with ingredients that closely resembled meth and rat poison.

I would chug my explosive workout cocktail early in the morning and go lift some weights. During my workouts, I powered through but there was an inevitable crash at the tail end.

'If you ride like lightning, then you're going to crash like thunder.'

I would slip into a coma type of state after the workout. My brain would be ultimately turned into mush and I could not think straight. It was like the 'this is your brain on drugs' commercial. My cranium was a busted fried egg.

Like a dumbass, I would continue to cram this shit down my throat because all the 'BROS' said it would build muscle, get chicks, and get GAINS.

Then after college, I had an awakening. I started to do massive research on the primal diet and lifestyle. In the college days I would normally eat things that would kill most people. Hot Pockets, Bagel Bites and Cheeze-Its were part of my collegiate food pyramid.

I began to adopt the paleo eating lifestyle and it has changed my mind, body and soul. Along with that my coffee addiction had been born.

I have tried so many types of coffee from so many places around the world. Some of the best quality stuff is the coffee made by family owned businesses. I was careful not drink the coffee filled with artificial ingredients or any added sugar.

Then, instead of pissing away money on all the expensive pre-workout powders, I decided to make my own Primal Pre-Workout cocktail.

I began to find something to bring a creamy flavor. That was easy. I used organic coconut milk from a can or MALK, which is real almond milk from a company out of Houston, TX.

Next was teaspoon of Primal-Fat which is organic extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.

Finally, I added one teaspoon of organic MCT oil.

This Primal Pre-Workout was a game-changer. I would drink this cup of happiness about one hour before training. The caffeine would hit my quick while the MCT oil made its way to my liver to produce a huge amount of energy.

I was faster than ever before. My lifting volume was beginning to multiply week by week. There was no crash, only full throttle ass-kicking.

I have saved so much money by not buying any of the powders anymore. I invest in local coffee companies as much as I can, and I always make sure I have two of these bad boys each and every day. One in the morning and one before my training.

Start making yours now and save money! Support local businesses and never believe all the pre-workout scams out there.

 I have included some products below that will help you in your journey to perfecting the ultimate Primal Pre-Workout.

-Sports Research Organic MCT Oil 

-MALK-Real Almond Milk

-Via Boom Dia Organic Real Flavored Coffee

-Primal Fat by Indian Foods


Thank you for reading!


-Juddy Ferguson

Local Houston Writer & Artist

Lover of Fitness, Food & Humans