November 08, 2015

The Only Pumpkin Beer I Rave About – Pumpkinator

Now that Halloween has officially passed and you’ve had plenty of time to gorge yourself with pumpkin spice everything, I’m going to hit you with even more pumpkin news.

I am personally not a fan of the pumpkin spice craze and I especially despise that it has crept into my beloved craft beer arena (but damn I love those pumpkin scented candles!). If you walk into ANY store this time of year you are inundated with pumpkin tea, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin babies (what, what?), ect… and now in the beer section there’s a wide array of pumpkin-themed stouts, porters, and even Shandies.

Is there a limit to our pumpkin madness?

This beer-style, if we can call it that, has grown from small batch experiments to a seasonal staple around the world. We can all blame Bill Owens who founded Buffalo Bill’s Brewery and made the first commercial pumpkin beer in 1985. I think the seasonal pumpkin beer is the only style that comes close to the amount of hype that the IPA style receives.

I know it sounds like I’m a pumpkin hater, I’m not. Pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite type of pie – I’m simply tired of the annual obsession with pumpkin spice. Now onto the beer of the hour…

I have been known to only praise one pumpkin beer in my day which happens to be from my much-loved local brewery, Saint Arnold Brewing Company. They began releasing this beer in 2011 and its popularity, at least in the local market, is equal to Taylor Swift or The Houston Texans. I make sure to grab at least a few bombers every year – one to enjoy immediately and a couple to age over the years in my beer cellar.

I don’t recommend aging most beers but this is definitely a good choice to lock up for a while.

If you spot one of these bad boys on store shelves or know someone nice enough to ship you one, grab your favorite beer glass and go to town!

Maybe if you’re nice I’ll mail you one…

You’ll find this bottle of heaven is packed full of flavor, and the aroma is so awesome it’ll make you want to bath in it (true story). This is an Imperial Pumpkin Stout which means it has a higher ABV of 10%, not a chugging brew. It will hit you with tons of brown sugar, molasses, and seasonal spices. Is your moth watering yet? It should be!

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your upcoming family Thanksgiving meal, this is it. Maybe bring a few of them to help get through the awkward conversations about why you don’t have kids yet (that’s my plan at least).

Cheers to the beers y’all!