September 15, 2015

So tonight I want to focus on a beer that I’ve been intrigued by lately. I don’t really do “beer reviews” so that’s not what this is, but I like to focus on why a beer matters or cool details that you might not be aware of.


This beer is a fun topic because it proves two theories I currently have about the craft beer industry:

  1. It’s a sour beer. This beer style is exploding due to many drinkers looking for a different extreme flavor profile other than hoppy bitterness. I am personally all hopped out so the sour beer and session beer (session beers will be focused on in a different post) wave is welcome to take over for a while.
  2. The branding and unique design of the beer can is very appealing. It stands out among the other bland options on shelves – this might seem like a small detail but the average customer gets over-stimulated with the thousands of beer options and a brewery can find a great advantage by producing an eye-catching can.


Just a few details about the Destihl Brewery. They are based in Illinois and mostly famous for their barrel-aged and wild-fermented sour beers. This particular brew is part of their “Wild Sour” series that is never barrel aged but still leverages the flavor from their spontaneous Reserve Barrel yeasts. You’ll notice that each beer in this series has a different neon color can (hints the eye-popping appeal), I chose the “Here Gose Nothin” because I like Gose-style beers and green is my favorite color.

I must say, even though I was expecting a sour beer it’s still very TART! It will definitely pucker your face up with the first few sips. I almost gave up on it but decided to give myself a minute to re-evaluate. A weird thing happened then, my taste buds started to crave the flavor – much like eating Sour Patch Kids candy or sour Skittles. Your mouth begins to water a bit and you want more. To keep it short and sweet, if you’re looking for a change from the bitter IPAs and dark stouts pick up a six-pack of these cool-looking cans and enjoy. Just be prepared for a blast of flavor. Cheers to the beers, y’all.