March 08, 2016

I began blogging about craft beer a few years ago and quickly became engulfed in the culture side of the industry, not just the drink. American craft beer culture is defined by the independent, entrepreneurial, creative, and unique people who have built it into more than just a fad or trend. I’ve also noticed the incredible auxiliary talents that some beer bloggers/writers and craft brewery marketers possess with the camera lens. This is also a passion of mine due to the fact my wife has been a professional photographer her entire life. The combination of these two creative worlds, beer culture & photography, bring craft beer brands to life and help them tell their story in spectacular fashions.

This article is a simple list of some Instagram accounts I follow of people who are more than just “Beertographers” or “Beer Geeks”. These are artists who truly give us a glimpse of what craft beer culture is all about. I hope they inspire you like they have for me to expand your artistic skills and enjoy true craftsmanship.

Cheers and enjoy!

Good Beer Hunting


Good Beer Hunting is a critical, creative, and curious voice in the world of beer. They write about
and partner with breweries of all shapes and sizes in order to create a better future for the craft. The founder,Michael Kiser, is a true artist and has worked as an innovation strategist for world-famous brands. His photos are one-of-a-kind.

Adam Filip


Simply stated, Adam’s pictures are extremely professional with perfect scenery every time.

33 Acres Brewing Company


I’ve never visited this brewery or tried their beers but their pictures on Instagram make me want to take a trip immediately!



A professional photographer at Prime Focus Photography. Also works with , , & . Not only is his photography amazing but he will periodically provide tips on how to improve your own. Inspiring!

Benjamin Moore


I’ve followed Benjamin for a long time now. He’s an event photographer & beer guru. More importantly, his photographic journeys are awesome.

Matthew Curtis


Matthew is a Beer Writer and Founder of . His skills with both the written word and camera have also earned an exclusive spot as one of the contributors to Good Beer Hunting (at the top of our list on this page).

Miguel Rivas


Miguel says it better than I can: Blogger – Photographer – Traveler – Explorer. “Every beer has a story, every story has a beer” Exploring the beers of the world, one sip at a time.

Brian Chan


Brian is a top-notch craft beer & food photographer in the Bay Area. He also contributes and just recently hosted an amazingly successful event at San Francisco Beer Week.

Don’t miss out on the captivating beer rambles that these people are sharing. Be a part of the journeys – CHEERS TO THE BEERS!