January 13, 2016

Hey fellas!

I’m sure you’re like me and you think brunch is awesome, especially on Sundays after a long night of trying to rage like you were back in college. But while you’re attempting to eat your weight in breakfast tacos… what do you order to drink? It’s default for the ladies to order a mimosa but that’s not exactly the most macho cocktail for you to be seen sippin’ on. That’s not fair, is it? Mimosas are amazingly refreshing, boozy, and pair so well with most brunch menu items. I think it’s time we invade this sexist stereotype with a new manly version of the Mimosa.


Now I wish I can claim that I invented such a cool name as the “Man-mosa” but I didn’t. The term was introduced to me by my Mother-In-Law after watching an episode of The Kitchen on The Food Network. I immediately fell in love with the idea because there have been countless times where I want to order a Mimosa at a restaurant but retreat to ordering a beer so I can pound my chest with masculine pride. I have no idea how they created the concoction on the show, and don’t care because I know exactly how I would create it!

This will be “The Dude’s Mosa” (Working title, that sounds dumb)

I’ll keep this simple and let you experiment with how heavy to go on the portions for your own taste and drunk goals.

  • Pull out a fancy beer glass to use instead of the usual champagne-style flute that only holds about an ounce of drink. We want a full pint of this madness.
  • We’ll begin with a touch of vodka. You can add as much as you wish but I used only 1/3 of a shot glass since there will be 2 other types of booze in this baby.
  • Next up is the staple orange juice – and we men like the pulp! Only pour to make the glass half full.
  • Top the orange juice with a small amount of champagne. Or not so small. The bubbly is good stuff.
  • And lastly, pour in your favorite hefeweizen brew.
  • Now sit back and savor your awesomeness while bystanders applaud your drink.

I want to point out that I believe the hefeweizen beer style is best for this cocktail due to the fruity esters and high carbonation. You want a beer that pairs well with the champagne or can replace the champagne all together. I chose The Weisse Versa Wheat hefeweizen beer from Karbach Brewing Company out of Houston, TX. It’s a local beer for me, of course, but it’s a great representation of the beer style and the citrus peel flavors are very pronounced. It’s only 5.3% ABV and lightly hopped. The Weisse Versa is such a friendly and tasty beer that you’ll probably want an extra as a chaser to your ManMosa.

So there it is folks! The Dude’s Mosa. Lets make this a real thing. Start asking your bartenders for a “beer-mosa” or “man-mosa” or “awesome-chick-mosa” or whatever you want to call it. I hope you enjoy